Rules dating book review who is sophia bush dating now 2016

This book is sexist towards men AND women, absolutely shallow, ignores the real aspects of what a relationship is supposed to be bui Hey girls!

Are you shallow, desperate, immature, have no concept of reality or love, slightly sociopathic, and brain dead?

This simple set of dating dos and don'ts-combining The Rules and The Rules II-will teach you how to find (and keep!

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) a man who treats you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

It's a scientific fact that our brains are wired differently.

A man's first impression is primarily VISUAL - they are drawn to pretty girls and bright colors (whether it's a dress, shoes, jewelry, hair is a whole other story).

It's like being best friends with romantic connotations. Would you play this master/slave relationship or this paranoia game with a friend? So why would you treat someone you claim to love like that? OK, OK, about 15% of this book is complete nonsense, and probably about 5% is outdated.

And finally, isn't it funny how all these dating books are about men for women? However, a good 80% of it is genuinely good advice.

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