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As a new player, everyone starts out with Good Standing.Then depending on how you act, you can go up to Trusted Status or if you lose your voice to the Darkness you can drop to the Untrusted Warrior Drone level.Princess Kimma will be suggesting Allies and Idea Seekers on Sarillion who are ready to have these rewards.Trusted - Trusted accounts will receive more chat privileges than other users in either Good Standing or Untrusted status.

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CHAT STATUS PRIVILEGES There are three levels of chat status each with a different chat bar color.Magic Camera lets you easily record webcam videos or any activities on the screen. Chatting on Kids, you can talk to kids from all over the world.Untrusted Status - Untrusted Warrior Drone level players will receive less chat privileges than others who are either at the Trusted level or the Good Standing level.You will achieve Untrusted status after breaking the chat rules.

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