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If communication is the engine of modern society, localization is the key to success, and we, the Translators, provide support services to identify the best means of communication with your customers and business partners.TRANSLATOR srl provides translation and localization services to IT companies, which ensure the communication across multiple languages of user manuals, software interfaces, customer management programs (ERP/CRM), websites and operating systems, e-learning and multimedia, applications, tutorials, antivirus software, marketing and brand management.Another factor for success is the collaboration and ongoing communication with the customer to establish the project-related details, the target audience of the translated text, the register and style of the language, the terminology, format or expected delivery date.Based on the above approach we have translated technical manuals from various areas of activity, specification sheets, occupational health and safety reports, employee manuals, whether oral or written.

It is of outmost importance to communicate, to understand your requirements and objectives, to be given feedback, to receive suggestions, ideas and even criticism, as this is the only way to succeed in the business world of tomorrow.In no other translation field it is so important to understand and accurately translate every single word, idea or sentence and probably no other field places so much emphasis on language details and subtleties.A single misplaced word or comma could render the translation of a contract or a power of attorney completely unusable.This entails strict compliance with the ideal workflow and with the operational standards and procedures implemented in our organisation.We create databases and translation glossaries, we work in teams of translators, proofreaders and linguists selected based on performance criteria who, guided by the project managers, serve each and every customer and, where requested, DTP services will give the final touch to the document.

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