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Marsa is a town in the Grand Harbour area of Malta, with a population of 4,571 people as of March 2013. A port was first established at Marsa by the Phonecians.

Remains of Roman constructions have been found close to the town.

This resulted in a nationalization of the shipyards during the 1990s.

In November 2003, the state-owned Malta Drydocks and Malta Shipbuilding were restructured and a new merged company has been created, known as Malta Shipyards. was made of the Cospicua Site (formerly Malta Drydocks), the Marsa Site (formerly Malta Shipbuilding Company Limited), Manoel Island Yacht Yard Limited, and the Malta Shipyards Tank Cleaning Station, employing over 1700 personnel.

From skimming a copy of the first paper from one of the authors' websites, it looks like spherical harmonic fitting is a linear least-squares (LLS) problem, which is relatively straightforward (more so than nonlinear least squares, at least) and fairly easy to implement in MATLAB (and probably also in Python using numpy.linalg ).

On December 18, 2013 EBU has announced that 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malta.

ove godine je ranije jer će i kraj lige bit dosta ranije. a uvijek se igra i radi po trenutačno važećim propisima i mišljene tu nema što tražit kao nešto na osnovu čega bi se odluke donosile. Jer taj odbor i pojedini clanovi sad peru ruke, kao zasrao je neko drugi... U Igalu Pijetlovic na pocetku pravi razliku..sto sam i najavljivao.

The Privatisation Unit should shortlist the proposals and finalize negotiations exactly to the time of Junior Eurovision - by 13th November 2014.A new port was constructed in the 1860s under the rule of the British Empire.It was intended that a town would be built at the site under the name Albert Town, named after Prince Albert. igra se na gol razliku, a u uzvratu je domaćin onaj ko je bio bolje plasiran u "regularnom" dijelu. Edit: Shpigel vec sudio 3 kontrafaula Partizanu, nije ni kraj 1.

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