Updating keys for nod32

Unfortunately, a Windows 8 system image can only be restored to Windows 8, meaning you will need Windows 8 installation media.

Fear not, we outline the entire Windows 8.1 upgrade and downgrade process here.

Next, make sure you have sufficient storage space on your system drive; the upgrade file is between 2 and 4GB.

After you cleaned up, create a backup of your files.

The update is free for current Windows 8 users, it’s available from the Windows Store, and the installation process, if not quick, at least is easy.

and install all important updates before you upgrade.

You won’t be able to see the Windows 8.1 file until all key updates have been installed.

Whenever you can spare the time, navigate to the Windows Store on the Windows 8 device you wish to upgrade.

If you don’t see this huge purple Update Windows tile shown above, then you probably have a few important updates to install.

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