Who is peggy lipton dating

Let's explore her love affairs and married life. Kidada ran into Tupac in the nightclub and from their first meeting they fell for each other and started dating.Their love affair and relationship was so strong that they looked as if they were soon going to be husband and wife.The hospital handed her Tupac's bloody clothes, and she got the news that she never wanted to hear in a million years.She still remembers him, and his memory will forever be the golden moment for her.Because life is not certain and you cannot predict the possible drastic changes.Kidada Jones went through the same situation while she had to lose the love of her life, Tupac Shakur.

"It makes me want to move my body (in a much less graceful way)." And judging by her Instagram post, she's definitely picked up some moves: about how easy it was for her to accept her age: "[Fear of aging] feels like a sales tool.Tupac went along with his girlfriend, Jones to enjoy some quality time together.When that unfortunate accident happened, Kidada was in her hotel waiting for him, but instead, she got a call from the hospital.Though the couple was on good terms with each other, unfortunately, their relationship couldn't last long.The couple got divorced in 2006, just after three years of their marital relationship.

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